Biweekly cleaning Seabrook island, SC


once a biweekly – with our biweekly house cleaning service you’ll experience the joy of a clean home every biweekly at a price that’s unbeatable! just pick our biweekly cleaning service, tell us the schedule you want and which rooms you want cleaned and we’ll do the rest!

Bi-weekly Cleanings Include:

  1. Lightly dust blinds throughout the house (room-by-room process)

  2. Dust all ceiling fans throughout house

  3. Wipe window sills throughout house

  4. Remove cobwebs along ceilings and in corners throughout the house

  5. Dust light fixtures throughout house

  6. Dust pictures and other wall décor (does not include artificial plants)

  7. Wipe down switch plate covers, thermostats, door handles throughout the house

  8. Clean entry way glass doors inside & out

  9. Clean the inside/outside of patio doors (animal restrictions apply)

  10. Dust furniture (some restrictions apply to items containing valuable collectibles, china, etc.)

  11. Empty trash cans, replacing with new liners throughout house and taking trash to outside bin

  12. Vacuum all carpeted floors including edges around baseboards

  13. Sweep/vacuum and steam/dry mop all hard floors where applicable with appropriate cleaners

Biweekly cleaning Seabrook island SC