Biweekly cleaning Summerville, SC

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Services Summerville, SC

Bi-weekly Summerville, SC cleaning services is our most popular option. Every other week a professional cleaner will come to your home and provide you with a detailed and consistent clean. The bi-weekly service will keep the dirt and grime under control. If you are looking for help keeping those messy, hard to reach area’s clean between the day-to-day cleaning and picking up, then our bi-weekly cleaning service is right for you!

What does bi-weekly cleaning services include?





Wash etc.

This is not a full list of items that we would clean on a regular bi-weekly schedule. The list would be too long. What we do want is a list of the items that matter to you. Each client is unique and so should your bi-weekly cleaning service. We tailor a cleaning list specific to your instructions. That way you will get a truly one of a kind cleaning experience.

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Why choose a bi-weekly cleaning service?

Get an extra helping hand between your routine cleans

Let us tackle the dirt and grime that gets built up from daily use

Perfect blend between busy schedules and a budget

What can you expect from our bi-weekly cleaning services?

Flexible scheduling to meet your busy schedule

Flexible hours / week to meet your budget needs

Tailored cleaning list specific for your house

Thinking of Bi-Weekly Cleaning Services?

Get stared with a free quote. There are no obligations. If you are ready for bi-weekly cleaning services just fill out the form on the side of the page or give us a call. Want more details? You can find more information by viewing our service packages, service locations, and testimonials.

Biweekly cleaning Summerville SC