Commercial cleaning Goose Greek, SC

Commercial Cleaning Services

SC preferred cleaners is not your standard janitorial and commercial cleaning company. Many janitorial companies, both large and small, focus only on cleaning and not on the long term effects of using harsh chemicals. Our cleaning products are either green seal certified or designed with the environment in mind which reduce the toxins being released both in the air and in your office.

Your company will benefit from the truly environmentally friendly cleaning expertise, as well as safe and proper cleaning techniques used by SC preferred cleaners. Our experience in janitorial services will significantly improve the overall appearance and cleanliness of the office or building as well as providing a safe non-toxic environment for your customers and employees.

A standard janitorial service will include the following:

Offices, Conference Room and Reception Area

Dust all horizontal surfaces

Wipe down chairs

Dust light fixtures, artwork & baseboards

Arrange furniture and magazines

Entrance glass

Clean light switches & doors

Vacuum carpets & hard floors

Remove trash & replace liner

Break Room

Clean counter, cabinet faces and sink

Wipe down exterior of all appliances

Clean and disinfect inside/outside of microwave

Clean tables & chairs

Vacuum hard floors

Damp mop hard floors

Remove trash & replace liner


Clean, disinfect and deodorize all fixtures

Mirrors, counters & sink

Disinfect door handles, switch plates

Clean and disinfect inside/outside toilet bowl

Refill soap dispensers, towel dispensers, toilet paper

Damp mop hard floors

Remove trash & replace liners

Additional Services include:

Carpet cleaning

Wash interior/exterior windows

Clean inside refrigerator

Hand clean window blinds

Commercial cleaning Goose Greek SC