New construction clean-up Goose Greek, SC


It’s just natural that there will be debris, dust, and other types of construction material when a new structure is being built. Consequently, cleaning after the construction is completed is essential to help prepare your new property for occupation. This unique type of cleaning requires specific tools and techniques.

The SC preferred cleaners team has those tools and expertise to make your new building shine. Some of the things we do in a construction clean include:

Remove window labels

Vacuum window tracks

Clean windows and sills

Clean/vacuum cabinets and drawers

Wipe down all surfaces including: doors, bookshelves, baseboards, trim to the molding, countertops, windowsills, tops of doors, fireplace mantles, and staircase rails

Clean showers, tubs, toilets, sinks, bathrooms and kitchen areas

Remove stubborn adhesives

Rinse and polish all porcelain surfaces

Clean windows, mirrors, mop floors

Vacuum out the ductwork with a vacuum hose

Wipe the electrical outlet cover

Gently wipe the light fixtures and chandeliers

Clean or sweep out garage

Quick & Efficient new construction cleaning for your business.

This list is can be customized to your specific project. We pay attention to the small details to ensure that the space is cleaned to your specifications. You can also have a look at other cleaning services that we offer.

Whether it’s a commercial office, multi-story, retail store or other we will work directly with you, and promise that when your clients walk into the new space they will be impressed with the clean and finished appearance. We look forward to providing you with a free consultation and estimate. Visit the professional cleaners in Goose Greek. Give us a call at (845) 552-0676.

New construction clean-up Goose Greek SC