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Periodic deep cleaning, in addition to regular cleaning, is needed by your business to ensure the health and safety of your workers. If your building is subject to health inspections, you can jeopardize your business if you fail to attend to the behind-the-scenes cleaning tasks that make work areas sanitary. A failure to deep clean can be noticeable to customers. Especially if you have an establishment such as a restaurant, beauty shop, or hotel, it is crucial to not only look clean, but to be regular clean. Whether you need deep cleaning regular, monthly, quarterly or on some other specific schedule, utilizing regular commercial deep cleaning services guarantees the job is done right each time.

DID YOU KNOW.... Office desks are found to be more than 400% times dirtier than a toilet seat

How Does Commercial Deep Cleaning Differ from Regular Cleaning?

The goal of regular cleaning is to remove surface dirt and grease, and sanitize areas such as kitchens and bathrooms where removing bacteria and germs is essential to prevent the spread of disease. What exactly is involved in commercial deep cleaning varies by room and by surface, but the emphasis is on cleaning beyond what is apparent.​

While regular office cleaning includes light dusting of desks, chairs, and furniture, vacuuming and mopping, and trash removal in offices, conference rooms, reception areas, and lobbies, deep cleaning goes beyond it. It might include dusting of hard to reach areas such as vents and ceiling fixtures and more in depth attention to floors, stairs, elevators, break rooms, baseboards, and more that can collect dust and germs that provoke allergies and subtly harm the work environment.

Floor Maintenance. Vinyl tile floors that your cleaning professionals vacuum, mop, and buff routinely may periodically need machine scrubbing and wax stripping and re-waxing. Carpeting may need spot removal, along with hot water extraction or dry (encapsulation) cleaning to remove soil locked in carpet fibers, while tile grout requires deep cleaning to remove dirt and mildew.

Regular cleaning Hanahan SC